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3 Priorities in Rigging and Tool Install

Rigging and Tool Install

rigging and tool install

EZARC is well known for our unique structural steel projects. Equally as impressive, and maybe less known but extremely impactful, is our rigging and tool install group. This group specializes in working with unique situations and circumstances with a focus on timely and accurate installs that keep the project on schedule and, most importantly, safe.

Our rigging and install team installs pedestals, equipment, and specialty semiconductor tools within new and operational facilities. They also are uniquely qualified and have extensive experience erecting structural steel within an operating clean room manufacturing environment. We have 3 main things that we focus on when completing these projects:


EZARC’s Top 3 Priorities With Rigging and Tool Install

  1. Safety

As with anything that EZARC does, safety is the core of our rigging and tool install team. An added element that separates EZARC’s team from any other team is our ability to function within a functioning environment. Not only are we focusing on the safety of our team but also the safety of the individuals we are working around. Holistic safety for the project and anybody involved is always top-of-mind for our team.

  1. Accuracy

As the saying goes, ‘If you’re going to do a job, do it right’. We embrace that idea and focus on the accuracy of each of our projects from beginning through final installation. This mentality rings true with this team as well as we focus on the details of every step. We understand that inaccuracies not only waste time but can be costly to fix as well. We execute within functioning class 100 cleanroom facilities.

  1. Efficiency

When working in a functioning work environment, everything must be coordinated early and often to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan once we are on the job site. Through years of working in the rigging and tool industry our teams have seen a lot of different circumstances. This allows us to think through any potential complications beforehand so we work quickly and effectively when the time comes for the final installation.


Our Team

Rigging and Tool Install Cleanroom

Our team can perform as a stand-alone group for any project. That being said, we have the capability to handle projects from start to finish from design to fabrication and then to crating, shipping, tool rigging, and install. Utilizing EZARC throughout the entire process allows our team to find efficiencies every step of the way to ensure each project is finished on time and within budget.


Reach out to our team to for how we can help with your specific job by contacting us.

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