Custom fabrication

Examples of our Custom Fabrication and Warehouse

Our warehouse, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, is where our specialized steel fabrication team creates products to any specification needed. Requests coming into our shop our fielded, designed, modeled, and fabricated. We then ship this steel to any of the projects our teams are working on across the nation. Our custom fabrication team is in constant communication with our in-field teams on each project to allow flexibility and quick adjustments if needed during any given project. We have a network of steel suppliers built up over the past 30 years to ensure we are always able to source materials and at a competitive price. EZARC is also AISC Certified

Pedestal Project

Taking this project through design build, custom cleanroom equipment. 

This specific example is an EZARC design for the Arizona State University cleanroom center. Not only did we design build, but our cleanroom install crew also managed the erection and installation on site. 

We have the capability to create extremely custom designs and flexibility to meet the specifications of any job. In other situations, we fabricate a pre-determined design, weld, polish and powder coat a similar product. 

Our standard procedure on each project is to complete a quality assurance check after each of the following steps to ensure the highest quality work:

  • 3D Models created
  • Produce the pieces
  • Everything gets erected
  • Welded out
  • Product is polished
  • Sent for Powder Coat 

Inertia Bases

EZARC manufactures multiple styles of inertia bases with both concrete and steel plate application. We provide some of the quickest lead times found in the industry.

Our inertia bases are used to support both industrial and mechanical applications. We have the capability to handle a high production rate for both small and large bases. 

Similar to the pedestals highlighted above, our team can handle the following services for these inertia Bases:

  • Engineering
  • 3D Modeling
  • Detailing
  • Fabrication
  • Installation


EZARC Schedule Predictability

Schedule Predictability

Both fabrication and erection performed in-house, giving us increased control over timelines


Extensive experience across each level of our team spanning a wide variety of projects from large to small

EZARC Project Agility

Safety Assurance

Culture developed around safety where each employee holds each other accountable. Current EMR is 0.69

EZARC Mitigates Financial Risk

Mitigate Risk

Transparent and accurate estimates with clear and consistent communication starting Day 1

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